Mangu magic, plantain passion

Forklore's Dominican bliss.


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Delicious dishes with unique cultural twists

Forget flour power, at Forklore, we're all about mangú magic and plantain passion. Ditch the gluten, not the flavor, with our vibrant takes on Dominican classics. Sink your teeth into chimichurri-kissed grilled fish, light and flaky as the island breeze. Dive into creamy mangú bowls, whipped to fluffy perfection with secret spices. Mofongo mayhem takes center stage, a crispy dance of sweet plantains and veggie surprises. Every bite a fiesta, every plate a fiesta-less, your taste buds will conga line with joy at Forklore. Come savor the vibrant soul of Dominican cuisine, gluten-free and guilt-free!


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Food Menu

Fried Plantain

Sunshine symphony - crispy, creamy plantains, sweet meets savory, light dances with fullness. ✨

Price: $ 250



Flame-kissed plantains, garlic's fire, chicharrón's crunch - mofongo's heart beats island rhythm. ✨

Price: $ 250

Dominican Coffee

Sunrise in a cup - Dominican coffee, sun-kissed, spiced whispers, paradise with every sip. ✨☕

Price: $ 250

Fried Fish

Sunlit scales, crispy symphony. Dominican fish: ocean whispers, lime tango, island heat on a plate. Dive in, paradise awaits. ☀️

Price: $ 250

Habichuelas con Dulce

Heritage in a spoonful. Dominican habichuelas con dulce - velvety beans, spiced whispers, island love. 🇩🇴

Price: $ 250

La Bandera

Sun-kissed rice, ruby beans, meat's melody - La Bandera sings Dominican pride in every bite. 🇩🇴✨

Price: $ 250

What Our Customers Say

Sofia Andersson, Sweden

Forklore's La Bandera? Flavor fireworks! Fluffy rice, beanfiesta magic, tender meat whispers love. Island joy on every bite, beyond five stars! ✨🇩🇴

Alejandro Morales, Mexico

Forklore's mofongo? Beach blown away! Crispy plantains, garlicky symphony, shrimp hugs you'll love. Tradition with a twist, five stars? Build a statue! ✨🇩🇴

Jackson Foster, New York City

Caribbean sunrise in a cup! Forklore's coffee - sun-kissed, spiced whispers, paradise with every sip. Five stars? Conga line needed! ✨☕🇩🇴

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